Directors' Awards

Directors Awards Photos

What a wonderful celebration of the school’s year - an end of year Directors’ Awards event.  The overall worthy winners were George Roberts and Matty Menes. Congratulations boys! Their names will be engraved on the shields over the holidays and they will return to their places on the wall next year!

  Ethos Award  Achievement Award 
Year N1 Molly-Mae Langan-Robinson Logan Bradwell
Year N2 Addison Kerlew Henrieta Vilkauske
Year R  Lottie Brown Kayla Taylor McLaughlan 
Year 1  Caitlyn Flannery Clayton Gaukroger 
Year 2  Eva Smith George Roberts 
Year 3  Lacey Harker Will Deakin 
Year 4  Isabelle Henderson Aleksander Nowak 
Year 5  Ava Hooper Macie Robinson 
Year 6  Matty Menes Kris Korzekwa