Well done team CTK and SCCA on our fabulous Sumdog results. Both primaries did exceedingly well, with Year 5 at St. Cuthbert’s gaining first place in the “Top 10 Classes” again! Christ the King received 3rd and 6th place in the “Top 10 Classes”. Children received a sticker and praise in assembly. Special mention to Leila Kucharz and Lucy Rose Appleby who were amongst the “Top 10 Students” . Below is a list of children from CTK who were in the “Top 50 Pupils” list, together with their scores.

3rd Leila K Y5 971
7th Lucy Rose Y3 950
12th Eva Y3 941
17th Lena Y3 909
20th Zenia Y4 898
21st Tyler B Y3 894
23rd Max Y2 886
31st Kelsey Y2 861
38th Gabrielle K Y5 851
42nd Nikodem Y5 835
45th Sophie Y5 821