Five Days of Christmas

Five Days of Christmas photos

A huge thank you to those parents, friends and family members that joined staff and volunteers for one (or all!) of our Festive Five days.  The school was full of Christmas cheer and celebration the whole time. It made for a very different holiday all round!  I have written to volunteers and staff this week to thank them for their commitment and support of the event on your behalf.  It was a remarkable undertaking and one that was only made possible by the time these volunteers gave, as well as the generous donations of The Sunday Times and the many local businesses and charities that read the article or heard the BBC news clip.  Since our last newsletter there has been a follow up article in the newspaper as well as requests for the BBC to return to learn more about our plans. Our leadership team plans to spend time over the coming weeks discussing and evaluating the five separate days and the potential for similar ventures to be held in the future.   Don’t forget that we still have fuel vouchers and food parcels should any family need one.  Please contact a member of our pastoral team, Mrs Smith or Miss Martin directly. We understand that January is a particularly hard month.