Christ The King

Christ The King School

Nativities & Carol Service

Schools across Blackpool have been advised by public health to review Christmas Nativities this year.  Their advice is to avoid large numbers of parents coming into school.  With numbers in Blackpool rising and last minute changes to our Christmas Fair location, public health are guiding us daily on how to keep our school communities safe. At the moment tickets remain on sale for the up and coming events but there may be additional last minute changes or restrictions in place.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and lack of firm plan and know that it is frustrating.  With all things COVID we need to respect the medical evidence and public health advice and make decisions based on that.  Hopefully more information will be released on Monday. EYFS will have their Nativity on Tuesday 14th December, 10am and 2pm. KS1 will have theirs on Tuesday 8th December at 1.30pm and 6pm. And the KS2 carol service will be on Wednesday 1st December at 2pm and 6pm.