Christ The King

New Faces

Some of our new staff

We just finished our first whole week back at CTK, and it’s been super exciting! We got to meet some awesome new friends and teachers.

In Year 6, say hello to David J. He’s joined our big kid crew. Morgan J-C is now in Year 2, and we’re so happy to have them. And let’s not forget our littlest pals! We have brand-new friends in Reception and Nursery.

We also have some new teachers. Miss Ainsworth and Miss Malone are in charge of the little ones in EYFS (that’s Early Years Foundation Stage). Miss Farnell is taking care of Year 4, while Miss Robson is in charge of Year 3. And Year 1 has a new teacher too, Miss Dunnett.

You might recognize some of these faces from before! Whether you’re new or returning, we’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to the CTK team, everyone! We’re all super excited to learn and have fun together.