Christ The King


At Christ the King Catholic Academy the phonics scheme – Read Write Inc [RWI] is used to facilitate daily Phonic sessions up to Year 3. Phonics has been a key focus in recent years and has resulted in an increase in the number of pupils passing the Year 1 Phonic screening. Professional Development is being offered this year to members of staff who have moved year groups so that they can deliver quality Phonic sessions and continue to improve the percentage of children passing the Year 1 screening. Support for parents from the Ruth Miskin scheme – Read Write Inc can be found on their website :

Children receive a daily 30 minute session following a RWI programme. Each session supports learning to read through recognition of sounds, oral blending and speed reading with the aim to increase fluency and understanding. Each child is assessed every half term to establish their reading level to ensure they are offered the correct support and challenge. Children are grouped into different coloured bands according to the RWI programme. Those children working beyond RWI levels receive a guided reading sessions with their class teacher following our ‘Literacy Canon’ scheme.

Children take RWI books home based on their colour band group. We encourage children to read at every opportunity to enhance speed and fluency. Each book supports sounds and words related to the story. Children have the opportunity to change their book as many times as they like or even read the same book a number times to encourage a culture of ‘reading for pleasure’.