Christ The King

Schools Alive Success: A Heartfelt Thank You to All Involved!

CTK students at Schools Alive

A heartfelt thank you extends to all the staff and parents who generously offered their support for yesterday’s event. The captivating dance and song medley, as always, was warmly embraced by the audience, and Disney was honoured with a special anniversary tribute. The coordination of this particular show, with Water Park in the mix, presented our staff with an even greater challenge. Gratitude is owed to everyone who stood by us during this endeavour. A special mention goes out to Miss Calvert, Mrs Schofield, and Miss Dunnett for their expert choreography, diligent rehearsal efforts, and overall hard work in delivering such a splendid spectacle. Mrs Calvert deserves recognition for her costume work and for crafting the finest banner ever. Steph deserves applause for her daytime hair-plaiting assistance, while Mrs McNamee, John, Mr Mitchell, and Mrs Smith deserve appreciation for driving buses to and from the evening rehearsal and transporting a team of enthusiastic Year 6 girls from Water Park, Lake Coniston. To TEAM SMCA, whether they came to support or assisted in rehearsals or the event itself—Aimee Grace, Teyah, Gracie, Laylay, and Lucy-Rose—your contributions were invaluable. Our gratitude extends to Lesley’s Gang Show crew for the costume hire and to Winter Gardens staff member Jacob, who provided attentive, supportive, and patient assistance to our large group. Mrs Kirkham and Miss McKay (forever team CTK) joined the group for the evening, along with Bella Kirkham and Eva Smith. Mrs Lund, Miss Hilton, Miss Smith, Mrs Kennerly, and Miss Farnell all played vital roles in ensuring the event ran smoothly. Lastly, but certainly not least, our heartfelt thanks go to the children themselves for their dedication, infectious dance vibe, and boundless energy. You truly stole the show! It was an amazing team effort.