Christ The King

Uniform Suppliers

At Christ The King we aim to ensure that our school uniform is affordable to all families.  
We believe that the cost of a school uniform should not be a barrier when choosing which school to apply for.

To support this philosophy we:

  • keep the use of branded items to a minimum.  There are currently three branded items (school jumper, t-shirt and PE top).  School will accept replacements to these items that are identical in colour, shape and style but that do not have a school logo.
  • publish our uniform policy on the school’s website and ensure it is available for all parents, including parents of prospective pupils, and can be easily understood.  School place links on to our current uniform supplier list.
  • ensure that our school supplier give the highest priority to cost and value for money (including the quality and durability of the garment). School listen to feedback from parents and pupils and engage annually with local suppliers to discuss quality, price and supply.
  • do not engage in single supplier contracts 
  • offer second-hand uniforms to any family that requests it.  Should you require an item of “pre-loved” uniform please contact our school office or family support teams.
  • welcome feedback on our school uniform policy 


Bispham Clothing

7 All Hallows Road

Tel: 01253 276047

Ragamuffin Children & Baby Goods

1A Westcliffe Drive

Tel: 01253 390717
Email: [email protected]