Christ The King

Whole School Curriculum


At Christ the King Catholic Academy we are committed to bringing out the best in every child. We do this through offering our children a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum which promotes intellectual, moral, spiritual, creative, emotional and physical development.

Individual subject schemes of learning prepare children for the next stage of their education, these schemes are coherent making explicit connections and links between the different experiences encountered. Knowledge within a subject is carefully sequenced to ensure a clear focus on progression. We seek to keep the curriculum manageable by teaching the most important knowledge; identifying the big ideas or key concepts within a subject.

The mission statement ‘Believe, Belong, Become’ is at the heart of all we do, within our curriculum.


Our curriculum is a never ending improvement story based on good quality resources and underpinned by research. We have constructed the school’s curriculum to reflect the needs of our pupils and represent the diversity of our community. Subject leaders work collaboratively with class teachers to refine and review the curriculum ensuring it provides the best quality of education possible.

Each curriculum area has a subject philosophy and an annual action plan which outlines development opportunities linking with our school development plan. Teachers plan for misconceptions and address these as a matter of course
Teachers ‘find out what the children don’t know and teach them it’ to ensure learning is built on prior knowledge and is secure before moving on to new learning.


The impact of the curriculum is monitored by both subject and senior leaders in a range of different ways depending on the subject these include pupil voice, coaching, professional discussions and reporting to governors.

Pupils, parents and staff are consistently and regularly consulted about the curriculum and the impact that it makes.

The desired outcomes of the curriculum will ensure that pupils are well rounded learners, ready to embark on high school education when they leave us in year 6. They will be equipped with the foundations and skills to achieve success in the next chapter of their educational journey. Pupils will have an understanding of what they are good at and have developed skills to help them face the challenges along the way.