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Year 5’s Exciting Adventure at Water Park in the Lake District

Just before the half-term break, Year 5 enjoyed an extraordinary day at Water Park in the Lake District. The children, along with their teachers and staff, participated in a variety of thrilling activities such as kayaking, tree climbing, high ropes, and numerous water sports. Some groups even tried their hand at sailing, while a few adventurous souls braved the winds for windsurfing!

It was incredible to witness the students develop resilience and tackle each challenge with enthusiasm. Many conquered their fear of heights and pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones.

A huge thank you to our dedicated teachers—Miss Hilton, Mr. Tomes, and Mrs. McKellar—and our wonderful volunteers, Kevin Crooke, Jamie McKellar, and Mrs. Kirkham, for making this unforgettable adventure possible. We are incredibly proud of our brave and adventurous pupils and eagerly anticipate our next adventure!