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Year One Autumn Adventure at Stanley Park!

Year 1 pupils pose for a photo in Stanley Park

We’re excited to share the delightful news about our Year One children’s recent adventure to Stanley Park in search of autumn wonders! Last Friday, the children embarked on a memorable trip filled with exploration and fun.

During their visit, the young explorers engaged in a lively scavenger hunt, collecting an array of vibrant leaves that showcase the beauty of autumn. They also enjoyed some quality playtime in the park before returning to school on our trusty minibuses.

We’re pleased to report that the behaviour of our Year One children was exemplary, and we extend our sincere appreciation to Miss Calvert and Miss Dunnett for their excellent guidance.

A massive thank you goes out to Angela’s mum and dad, Lucas’s mum, and Mrs Kirkham for their invaluable assistance during our trip. Your support truly made a difference in creating a safe and enjoyable experience for our young adventurers.

Special gratitude to Mrs Smith, who joined us virtually to ensure that everyone was having a fantastic time.